Into The Blue

Hello dears,

deeper than the ocean are the shades of blue we are sunk in for February. The shades of blue follow the ocean just like I am. I hear them roar, I feel them sweeping me away from all burden that is resting on my shoulders. No matter if they are dark or bright shades this is how paradise must feel lying in the smooth arms of this trustful blue that gives you security and care. The shades of blue rescued me in my worst time.

Even if I fell into the blue I know that it would never let me drown. It gives me what I actually wished for from another color but that other color gave me disappointment and nothing. It is not like I asked for a lot. I asked what every woman is asking for from a color. The shades of blue have built me up and brought out the best of me. Yet I can't be thankful enough because I feel like also they are bearing a story and need to be caught in their endless deepness and I am keeping my distance because I respect it along with its faith.

Blue has never left me. It stood with me to make sure that I am fine. My task is to not let anyone abuse this beautiful but so broken color.

T-shirt - L&B
Cardigan - Comma
Ripped jeans - New Look
Ankle boots - Akira
Belt - Kookai
Earrings - Accessoirize
Watch - Wempe
Lipstick - Christian Dior

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Cool Girl

Hi my dears,

there is nothing cooler than stepping out of line. When a cute school-girl outfit is combined w/ edgy black leather boots, a feminine look gets masculin touches and when a good-looking and harmless seeming lady suddenly shows her cold shoulder bitterness. Be aware that every rose has thorns and that she will sting if you approach her in the wrong way.

The little thing has no idea of anything? You might be surprised how she will pay back at the right time. But for the moment let's stay diplomatic and optimistic. Within the smile there lies the success and where hope is there is action. What the coolness has forgotten is that sometimes things need to be laughed and smiled off. Strong women and cool girls are known to wear the biggest smiles. And not to drown in brokenness.

Thank you for reminding.

Blazer - Tally Weijl
Rollneck, tie - C&A
Skirt - Casablanca
Boots - GUESS?
Guitar earrings - Claire's

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Last Days Of Winter Sale

Hola dears,

I have been hard-working lately at the last days of winter sale. Not only the shops are giving all by making the best possible offer but also the shoppers, let's take example A - me. I have been shopping at a Saturday - the advanced shopper knows what that means: the city center is overfilled! With my mother. While she was checking the overall offers she sent me to my favorite department and let me check everything. And I literally checked everything and took all that fell into my hands to try in the end a good result came out that on the one hand my mother approved and on the other hand made me extend my closet with my style and items in my favorites color purple and colors from which I have too less in my closet (navy blue) and such that were on my wishlist for a long time.

Check my new in below;

A lucky catch when I was at the cass about to pay already and my mother
discovered it and I quickly went to grab it. A cool sweatshirt jacket by 
Lipsy. I can't wait to combine it w/ suits.

 A good alternative to the suit or vest: a light cardigan by Comma.

It's cuddly, it's fluffy, it's navy - I want it! Knit jacket with hoodie by 

I must confess I've started to chase for midi-skirts. My mother prefers 
them more than minis. This one is warm and in my favorite color and
gives me a beautiful feminine wesp-waist. By Hallhuber.

The key to my heart. Save the trend: Statement necklace advanced a long
necklace with a statement pendant. By I am

Long time on my wishlist finally bought:

THE trend shoe. You hardly see someone male or female without those rider-boots. Rocky as
I am I naturally chose the rocky version w/ rivets. The perfect alternative to black in this 
case: beige. By Akira 

Dresscode: Red. For a social politician to be. It's funny that my mother 
chose what I liked long time ago but though she wouldn't like them.
By Menbury.

Winter without the Russian inspired romance? Unthinkable for me! That's why спасибо больщое (thank you very much) by two Katjas for my Russian and Ukraine import in my most favorite color:

As everytime if you want to know any prize don't hesitate to drop me a private message.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Star-Style #6: Piret Järvis

Tere minu kallid,

star-style #6 on Febuary 6 what an accident, isn't it? Since I don't believe in accidents, no it isn't. In honor to Piret Järvis' 31st birthday I have concluded that it is finally the best time to post the Fall4Me star-style article also about her since she is nearly my number one idol.

What is special about Piret? Or rather what makes her stand out like this to be my number one idol in this plenty of special people on each point of the world? After we shouldn't be so superficial to like a person just for its looks and the character and qualities of a person isn't written on its forehead.
I admit I do not know her in person but I can identify with Piret very well for what she does and (of course) with her style to which I want to refer in the following. How I got to notice her in the end in the first place was her smile and her eyes. In my opinion Piret is the girl with the most beautiful smile and eyes in the world.

Photo: Riina Varol

Let's have a close look at one of Piret's outfits:

Did something come to your mind? ...May I lend a hand?

Unplanned! I swear it! 

Maybe you noticed now but I would like to explain it in my own words once again. I have known Piret now for at least half of my life (or even longer). Apart from her smile and her eyes I feel a certain special connection to her as you saw now. She is known to always comebine something rocky in her casual city chic or elegant ladylike looks which underlines her good taste for fashion and (personal) style. She has always been behind this style but just like me she further developed her personal style more elegant, classy and feminine inspired by the 60s, 80s and 90s with a kickass lipstick as a personal distinguished mark. 

I admit that there was a little period where I let her be and didn't follow her as much but I am happy to see that she still went her way and that we obviously are going the same way and share a pretty equal taste in things.

I wish my angel and idol from my most favorite music band Vanilla Ninja all the best from the bottom of my heart on her special day.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

You Have No Idea What I'm Bearing Inside Me

Bonjour mes chers,

you have no idea what I'm bearing inside me when it's getting... hot or cold. Either way I'm bearing power, either way I'm bearing luck, either way - in both extrems - I am reminded of my way to not drift apart when stones are laid into my way.

All they see is a beautiful, fashion-confident doll. But they question her competence.

All they perceive is a sweet obedient young lady with a voice of gold. But they doubt on her assertiveness.

All they do is giving her advices and talking to her in an insistent tone of voice. But they refuse to listen to her and understand her.

Here is her message to you. You'll see me and I'll show you and then we will see how the colors will turn.

Huge thanks to Miu Nails & Wellness for the heartful service and precise work.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Confessions Of The Super-Shopaholic

Ciao belli,

Oops...  did it again! But twice in a year you may raid the shops.

The super-shopaholic knows especially when to shop: At the end of January when you can get high quality items from luxurious labels for lowest prizes and still look like a million dollar baby.
After all the super-shopaholic's philosphy is: "Why buying something now if you know you can get it later much cheaper?"
The super-shopaholic has friends in every regular store to enjoy some extra discount.
Even the super-shopaholic has a certain dresscode: Comfortable but chic shoes and a big bag which she hangs over her shoulder because she needs both hands and some more.
The super-shopaholic isn't an egoist but she lives in her own time-zone.

So much to the super-shopaholic now I would like to know what you think of le new in:

A running gag: I change my bag every week during the semester. I wonder who noticed until now.
Shoppers - Douglas

Necklace à la Cartier - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Most Beautiful Patriot

Tere kallid!

Home is where your heart is. Motherland is where you have buried your most beautiful memories...

If you ask my friends, school mates and teachers where I come from they'll answer you: Estonia! But don't worry, since January I can say the same about every fashionable girl since the colors of January are made by Estonia.

The new year begins with a deep strong blue within black and white that symbolizes positive signs like trust, harmony and peace and prepares us for more than we can expect and imagine.

One thing for sure is that bright times are awaiting and may it be just as dark. The darkness is overcome with the pure melody of blue.

Because Estonia has sang itself to freedom and independence in the coldness of February.

Blazer - Tally Weijl
Dress - C&A
Watch - Wempe
Bracelet - New Look

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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