St. Nicholas Special: Fall4Me Giveaway

Hello beautiful people,

happy St. Nicholas' Day! Christimas time is the time of giveaways. Fall4Me is joining this tradition with a St. Nicholas special. With the Fall4Me giveaway you can win one of four ZurfDay beanies

This year Fall4Me has prepared an exclusive gift for you for St. Nicholas in collaboration with ZurfDay. You are not going to find it in your boots or rather socks but on this platform. In the cold season a must-have is the beanie. Protect yourself with a stylish and exclusive beanie by ZurfDay.

We are keeping out fingers crossed for you!

St. Nicholas Special - Fall4Me Giveaway: How To Participate!

The morning of December 6th is a morning when everyone is excitedly waking up running for his boot or rather sock to see what St. Nicholas brought him – typical gifts are clementines, walnuts and chocolate.

This is how it works with us: visit Fall4Me's Facebook page – there we do not have chocolate and walnuts but one of four stylish and fashionable beanies. One of them, the neon coloured beanie, is an exclusive edition not available on the market yet. You have one week to participate in the giveaway.

To participate in the giveaway you just have to “like” Fall4Me's and ZurfDay's Facebook pages and if you are on Instagram you also have to follow Fall4Me (@JohannaVonKarajan) and ZurfDay (@ZurfDay) on Instagram, too. “Like” the post on Facebook and comment underneath with the color you want in case you win and tagging a friend who might like to participate, too.

One girl's beanie will be given to a girl and one boy's beanie will be given to a boy. The winners will be decided by a lucky generator on December 13th, 2016. Those who win will be contacted by direct message.

Giveaway Requirements and Privacy Protection

You are welcome to invite your family members and friends to participate in the giveaway to extend your chance to win however everyone is allowed to partipate once. With your participation you agree to the terms of service/terms of use of Facebook and Instagram.

Love ♥ Johanna

The Way To Go

Hello my beloved readership,

before I tell my story today and show you the look to it, I do not want to miss to wish you a happy belated first Advent and with that a blessed, joyful, warm and sensual Christmas time full of magic, hope and love. Do not forget according to the Chinese calendar the upcoming year is the year of the cock, so among others mine. Here are the Advent wreaths at our home. How do yours look?

If life was easy what sense would be left? One of my personal philosophies is that the best achievements require time and effort. Especially if you are standing in front of an obstacle you will see if something in your life is worth remaining or not. If it is you yourself will work for it to stay.

The mind of us living beings is filled with achievements we take aim for. The majority of us is reaching for essential things such as finding the significant other, founding a family, a well paid job et cetera. But a common knowledge says that the biggest treasures are received after a big adventure – we are taught this philosophy already early in our childhood with games or fairy tales – otherwise known as the highpoint. Another knowledge says that there are at least two ways to an object. I agree to this half. If the easy way you have imagined does not work you are anyway forced to go the hard one. But the way how you go it may vary.

"A common knowledge says that the biggest treasures are received after a big adventure"

 Especially human life consists of moments which come from a mental of physical action – this can either be a decision or an act. In an interpersonal relationship the moment is always taking part twice, for oneself and the person involved. So a hard way does not necessarily need to be hard if you go through it moment for moment enjoying every single one with a little pause to recharge, prepare and overthink. Some things in life need to be approached cautiously in order not to be destroyed because they are very fragile as a result of lack of strength consisting of a personality trait which can be love or satisfaction. But you will be surprised how much comprehension and patience the worthy things in your life have, directed by the strength of emotions, which will make you find your strength again, too. These worthy things will make confident enough to determine that if the only way to remain is the hard way you will go it with someone or rather something special accompanying you to reach your aim.

This new gained wisdom out of experience gave the wings I am wearing with my jewelry as well on myself along with the strength of a pride eagle who is the master of his area. Calm in its mood but wild when his values are threatened. I am definitely going to keep on wearing my necklace with pride.

I Was Wearing:

Fall4Me x BornPrettyStore gift: 10% off

Love ♥ Johanna

How To Bloom In Fall

Hello my dear readers,

when season gets darker the colours get more intense just like our thoughts. After all on a black field of endless deepness everything on the surface is shown to better advantage because you have no chance to concentrate on the surrounding. That is why the night, the queen of darkness, is the mother of thoughts.

There are two types of people in the world: the ones that think and the ones that act. The first group of people is working very closely with the heart as well as with the brain. They let things get too close to their heart and overly overthink everything. The people that act show very few comprehension for this, sadly, but if you ask me sometimes it would not harm the actors to at least put themselves in the thinkers' place and examinate where this thinking comes from. Thinking and simulating moments to prepare oneself is not a bad idea however moments are unique, unrepeating and irretrivable. No matter how much you prepare for them they always turn out different. Sometimes even for good. Moments are the proof that you have lived. You did something instinctively that may have been judged false but what you doubtlessly would have regretted if left undone. Moments are decisive for the further course of your life. Just have in mind what would have been or not been - precious things - if you did not take the moment to act...!

Once... there comes the time to review. Prepare yourself but do not forget to live in the first place.

Dress - C&A
Boots - GUESS
Lipstick - Calvin Klein
Watch - Wempe
Bag - Ted Baker
Bracelet - Douglas

Love ♥ Johanna

JoJo’s Mad Love

Hello my dear readership,

what is one of the greatest things to await you at home after a long day at work? For me it was last week a little package. Its flat and square form revealed to me that it must have been the CD I have been waiting for excitedly: JoJo's "Mad Love."

Joanna "JoJo" Noelle Levesque (*1990) is an American born R'n'B singer and song-writer. She released her first album worldwide in 2003. Her most known song is her debut-song "Leave (Get Out)". She became famous for her cover of Aeritha Franklin's "Respect". In 2006 JoJo brought out her second album "The High Road" containing her hit-single "Too Little Too Late". For each of these two albums the back then 13 and 15-year-old had written three songs on her own. 

I, myself have stumbled over JoJo in 2003 at my friend's home. We have been watching MTV Pop2 (how I miss this channel!) and a to me unknown music video appeared and caught my attention just as every song at least until the name and title is shown and then it is to be decided more or less. The girl with straight dark hair had already caught my attention more than usual since I recognized myself a little bit in her. Especially after I have seen her name "JoJo".

It must have been destiny that I have found her and her music to my liking and rapidly became a fan of hers collecting posters, autograph-cards CDs and much more. Once when my mother entered my room and recognized the autograph-card on my table she asked if it was me which made me very happy. Also my class at school had known that I was celebrating JoJo. This and my strong connection to music had been the occasion for my class and my friends to name and call me Jojo (note: I have been called Jojo since I was born however German pronounced "yoyo", the new given nickname was English pronounciation) too eversince and have made my decision final to take aim for becoming a singer and song-writer.

With a pause from album releases with movies and some singles and separation from Europe I have lost JoJo. Thanks to the age of social media I have found JoJo again luckily on time to the release of her newest album "Mad Love.". Not only I have grown up but she, too. After ten years JoJo contributes eleven songs all written on her own in which she combines modern electro-pop with classic R'n'B and yet shows off her unique voice to its advantage. More than the music itself I very much loved the lyrics which have been responsible that I loved the whole album that is catchingly-spicy, emotional to the bottom of the heart and strong. The whole album reminded me of the first twelve songs I have written. They are talking about mass of love given that has almost not been returned, of a slight payback and scream of self-confidence and new energy found. This is underlined with the point after each title.

My top songs are: "I Can Only.", "No Apologies.", "FAB.", "Mad Love.", "Vibe.", "Honest.", "Like This.", "Edibles.", "High Heels." and "I Am.".

My entry for JoJo's #MadLove competition with the song "No Apologies."

On the whole JoJo's "Mad Love." album has shown a lot of development. What I love too is the design of the CD of dark green and salmon pink that on the one hand shows unapproachibility and on the other hand warmth.

I definitely recommend to buy it! You can find it on JoJo's website.

Love, Johanna

Close To The Heart

Hello my dear readers,

before I begin to talk about my new nail art I would like to share my snapshots oft he first snow in Hamburg with you. Beautiful, is it not? With the beginning of November we are pretty early with snow and the Christmas feelings connected with it this year.

Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan

While the snow is covering streets, cars and buildings white my nails stay loyal to darker but warmer colours that make you feel secure embrace. It may come from the association we have with this colour. One of my closest friends for example explained to me that it is the colour of chocolate that is why she loves brown. This statement is like grandmother’s pearls: something that will be passed from someone to another one. Ever since I have kept this statement in my mind and spread it as much as I can. Generally it is not a surprise that colours of the elements and objects that belong to a person’s passion suit the person the most. It is not a matter of knowledge in this case but a matter of feeling. I myself have given brown – as it is my natural hair colour anyway – and kind of coffee-colour a place on my nails this time. It is not to necessarily match the season but my passion for coffee specialties. Apart from that it may be a colour catching attention on its own but it does not lift up as much matching to my hair and eyes and being accurate for any occasion on me.

Thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails for this extraordinarily great service and work. Visit the studio near the central station in Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5.

Love ♥ Johanna

ZurfDay, Made With Love

Hello my dearest readership,

it is unbelievable how fast a year passes especially because the fashion show of Ella Deck and Friends is stuck in mind as if it was yesterday. Probably this feeling is based on the fact that I have not separated from Ella Deck's fashion show for the whole year. Right after the fashion show I made acquaintance with Kristine Dölle, the head behind the sports- and streetwear label ZurfDay which introduced the fashion show last year.

The chemistry was right between the two of us. Of course, we are working in two different fields of fashion but from our first talk I have recognized that we are sharing the same points of view. This may be based on the fact that we have been going through the same way and value every good thing (supportive people, mentionings by others, good feedback et cetera).

Ever since Kristine and I met last autumn the Rödingsmarkt street between the modernized Harbour City and  the old town of Hamburg has become our favorite place to meet. Since then this place has become meaningful for me because it always reminds me of Kristine, ZurfDay and all the positive emotions connected with them. Back then she has still suffering from a broken leg and pitied that because of that she was not able to walk elegantly through the catwalk like the other fashion designers and everyone who was involved in the fashion show of Ella Deck and Friends. I am happy to let you know that meanwhile she is fine again and ready to create more fashion for the new season.

Every good relationship needs care and every good person will leave its mark on another person for the eternity. Even despite a busy life. Just like me Kristine Dölle is more than involved in fashion. Therefore she has a twice as much busy everday life. Nevertheless we managed to come together for a collaboration.

With the following interview I am happy to introduce you to Kristine Dölle, the creator of ZurfDay.

Fall4Me: Dear Kristine, first of all tell us a little bit about you: where do you come from and how would you describe yourself with a few words? 
Kristine Dölle: I grew up in Travemünde, so a real coast-kid, therefore probably also the love towards beach and sea.
As graphic designer I have already lived in Hamburg for very long, on holiday however I cannot go without beach or sea!

What was the origin of ZurfDay? Where does the name come from? 
ZurfDay was born when we were on our way to south France to the surf holiday by our Bulli [Volkswagen Type 2] - I have created a t-shirt with the sharks ( our current logo) for my boyfriend. The enthusiasm about it was so huge that we have been thinking of what could develop from it for the whole holidays... :-) And so ZurfDay came into being :-)

"A ZurfDay t-shirt combined with elegant pants or a blazer is not able to imagine for the office-outfit."

What does fashion mean to you personally in general?

Fashion for me is a big part of my life, it is not necessarily the Haute Couture or high fashion but the usualness, the casuality and a feeling of freedom.

On your Facebook page you have already announced „autumn stuff“ - what can we expect from ZurfDay for the season coming?

For autumn it is to be colorful on At the moment we are experimenting with colors. Be surprised!

Where have you collected the inspiration for your autumn stuff?

The inspiration is lying in the colors of autumn, the leaves that are now running colorful from green/orange up to red, they reflect themselves i.e. in our new Color-Peace shirt for girls.

How are the products of ZurfDay crafted? 
We are buying rough, on which we especially look after the quality and the substainable production. We are refining the products with our images. Either in silk-screen printing or with different plots as i.e. on our ZurfDay Premium hoodie.

Some items, such as our beanies and selected hoodies however are as well handfolded, that means that they are then made-to-measure and coordinated with the individual wishes of the customers.

Your design is falling under the category of streetstyle? What is your definition of streetstyle? 

Streetstyle or streetwear is classic urban clothing for me. Today it already is absolutely suitable for everyday-life and a ZurfDay t-shirt combined with elegant pants or a blazer is not able to imagine for the office-outfit.

What does ZurfDay express? How is the customer supposed to feel when wearing ZurfDay? 

Feel good, feel ZurfDay :-))) this is our motto. We want the customer to simply feel well when wearing our collection. In everyday-life as well as in the freetime, of course!

How would you project your personality to your creations?
Phew ... This is a difficult question :-))) ZurfDay simply corresponds to my character. I have thousands of ideas in my head and can hardly wait to layout new images, cuts and color-combinations. With us everything is really made with all our heart and I think this is as well noticed.

"Feel good, feel ZurfDay"

What do you do besides from fashion designing? 
As graphic designer I work freelance for different clients and fields and on weekends we are often on the road with ZurfDay to sports events, such as  BMX- and motoX-races.

In my freetime I love long walks with my dog the most near the sea, of course, and meanwhile my boyfriend is working on a new Bulli again, so that the next surf holidays (and new inspirations for ZurfDay) can come again, too. :-)

Did you ever imagine to have your own fashion label?

Very clearly: Yes! Even though the way through graphic design and the work in commercial agencies has led me there, it has been a wish of mine already as little girl. In our family everything has been turning around the fashion topic, my uncle back then had a fashion business and I loved to spend time with him in his showroom.

What could you wish more from life?

I would wish that all people treat each other with respect and that everyone of us can live in peace with each other.

Thank you for the great interview, Kristine! The interview has taken place in October, 2016.

I for myself firstly never thought that I would find myself wearing ZurfDay in the beginning since sporty is not my first choice of style. But indeed, as Kristine stated, streetwear can be more than sports. On the other hand it works as well with the rocky style which I am totally into. Like this ZurfDay and I found our way to each other. Because a cool T is a must-have in every closet. Last but not least I want to confirm the very high quality of the ZurfDay fashion. The clothes feel soft and supple and adapt to their wearer very well. The cut for girls especially is very fitted at the waist which is good because there are different sizes for all kind of bodies and despite the sporty - or rocky - style the women or girls wearing ZurfDay keep their femininity in a not as much feminine style.

"With us everything is really made with all our heart and I think this is as well noticed."

Faux leather pants - She
Chucks - Converse All Star
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Hoodie jacket - Lipsy London
Lipstick - Kiko Milano

Follow Kristine Dölle or rather ZurfDay on Facebook and Instagram and visit their official site for shopping, more products and further information.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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