C&A Ladies' Night #2 - New In

Hello dear readers,

I still remember the last ladies night arranged by C&A I have attended to two years ago as if it was yesterday. Discount of 20 % on each shopping, drinks, red carpet and music from a DJ. With extra discount shopping twice as fun and in my case I prefer actually buying the things when I get discount on them. As a result always one big shopping bag at least comes out. In the following I present you my dreamlike dresses and a big achievement: The navy blue blouse that makes every casual outfit noble just as Catherine Oxenberg proved in the 80s series "Dynasty" in her role as Amanda Carrington.

Photo: Google

I have very much fallen in love with the Eastern European inspied Bohemian-style. The Italian giant Dolce&Gabbana introduced int two summers ago and the hype continues in the hot season as well as in the cold seasons. You may expect more of these but for now this dress will serve its best.

As a member of the dark side white is not my color but let us be serious, everyone needs a light white dress at least for the yearly holiday on the beach. Or... as my significant someone already noticed on your wedding day until you get dressed to your actual wedding dress.

Talking about the dark side no one can escape his destiny two things that are supposed to find each other will find their way to each other and stay together. Just like me and this dress. It was a separate part in my size and beloved fabrics. The color of fir-green is my favorite shade of green which I want to integrate more in my closet.

Remember, if you are interested in the particular prizes always feel free to contact me on my networks or via e-mail.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Powerful

Hello dearest readership,

a healthy mind needs a healthy body but therefore you have to develop a healthy mind. The healthiness of mind is the strength you afford about which you do not know anything until you actually need it, that is growing from the determination and willpower within you. Apart from knowledge the power of mind - to decide to be strong - is the force of your own person. But before you can be as strong you have to see and observe that someone out there is at least as strong as you. Keep everything in life under your observation to put the world at your feet. Powerful is the one who keeps on and abandons the fear or failure. It keeps calm and observing until it finds valuable treasures.

Observing demands time - time we have if we decide to dedicate it to observation. If I did not decide to take my time to observe I would have never completed my owl collection with a ring that I would have never found in a shop on place. What a pity it would have been since I love owls very much. They give me peace and calmness. The owl is my eyes and ears when I am not able to take up information. It is my best friend because I can identify with it very well. Owls are cute to admire but dangerous if you disturb them.

Checked shirt - Mango
Faux leather pants - C&A
Ankle boots - Akira
Bag - Daniel Hechter
Owl bracelet - Bijou Brigitte
Owl pendant necklace - Tally Weijl
Owl earrings - I am
Watch - D&G

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

14 Reasons To Travel To The Mosel-River-Region

Hallo meine Lieben,

summer is officially over let us give autumn a warm welcome with memories from summer. Having this in mind I want to share my holiday experiences from late August with you. I have been at the Mosel-river-region in Rhineland-Palatinate which is located in West-Germany. We have had the almost perfect with never ending hot sunshine and not a single breeze.

I have collected 14 reasons for you to spend your next holiday at the Mosel-river-region:

1.) If you travel early in the morning you have the chance to observe the sunrise

- there is no better reason to get up early.

2.) You can observe the Mosel-River-ribbons live

- among others from the train.
- otherwise the so called Panorama-Street.

3.) You can view the little villages from above

4.) It is the origin-region of white wine

- Cheers! Every week you can find a wine street-festival in one of the villages

5.) You are connected to the nature and you can swim in a vulcano

- so far I have not experienced another place where you are so much connected to the nature. In this case the so called maars (Maare): the wood-maar (Holzmaar) and the powder-maar (Pulvermaar) - a former vulcano that is used as an outdoor swimming pool nowadays.
- the nature is so clear that the water reflects the trees.

6.) You can visit the Dr. Oetker factory

- it always smells like vanilla there.

7.) You can still find old castles all over the Mosel-river-region

8.) The architectures of the villages completely differ from the typical famous buildings of the big cities

- but mostly they are what strangers fall in love with more.

9.) Trier: the most idyllic city

- famous to stay at a health resort.

10.) As the former Roman capital it is one of the most holy (katholic) cities

- the heritage is kept in every corner of the city until nowadays.

11.) THE cathedral in which the holy tunic of Jesus Christ is kept is in Trier

- once a year you can touch the box and wish for something with its holy power.

12.) The Porta Nigra is yet not restored

- visit it in any way.

13.) Once you see the palace of Trier you are feeling to be in St. Petersburg or Tallinn.

14.) If you are coming from North-Germany and travelling by train you can see the dom-cathedral of Cologne

- and a teaser of how beautiful the city is.

I hope you have had an as relaxing and beautiful summer as I had and have collected lots of positive energy for the coming autumn/winter season.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

New In

Hello dear readers,

I have sad news to tell you. After the Paparazzi store in the shopping mall Wandsbek Quarree in Hamburg closed the second store in the shopping mall Hamburger Meile will soon close, too. I will miss this store since I have bought many amazing clothes there - the readers of this blog might never forget:

Apart from the amazing clothes of low cost, the staff is always very kind even until the very end. So much that once again I got personal discount for my new achievements in addition to the final offer 50 % off for the whole shop and even got some gifts for free.

See my new in below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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