Stop, Harper! Now It's My Time To Speak.

Good evening my beloved readership,

thanks to technology and social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and co.) we have become real "infoholics" (neologism for information maniac). We are fed with all kinds of information at every second. It is something we can't get out of easily. This may be considered as blessing or curse depending on the arguments and point of view.
But this is not what I want to talk about today but an article from my most favorite international fashion and lifestyle magazine "Harper's Bazaar" which I stumbled at in my newsfeed.

Usually I enjoy the articles and the construction of the magazine. Therefore I like to buy it frequently and add it to my collection but this time I have to interrupt and take a stand on it in the name of nearly all fashion people, especially bloggers.

Before you read my article I suggest you to get familiar with the article I am going to refer to here.

Yes! I admit it, I can as well count myself to the people HB refered to in its article doubtlessly - maybe with one or the other exception. However as an exception I bring the mix of fashion and political science to the world of fashion so it is in my nature to bring the spice of argumentation to me whenever it may be needed. Today I felt the need but as a good student I know that politeness and respect towards the opponent maintain.

I will not refer to every single point since this might become too small-minded. Apart from that I would repeat myself at some points.

We should keep in mind that HB wrote this article in honour to the fashion month September and includes its team itself in the group of "fashion obsessed"people who "annoy" the others on the social networks such as Instagram. Our behavior can nearly be considered as "we post our life on Instagram" or rather "we are obsessed with ourselves". Even I have heard sentences like "her 'I love myself' fashion-blog''' or "do you have to take a picture of yourself all the time?!" lots of times. I have been considered as a show-off, I was left by people I considered as my friends and I was as well told that my mind wouldn't work further than fashion and I am sure I am not the only one with experiences like these.

To be honest I am a little bit disappointed by HB that it phrased its article about the habits of fashion friends with expressions like "annoying" or "obsessed". This way it seems like it would support the people I and many others made bad experiences with.

I think it is about time that people don't just nod cheerfully about HB's article saying "yes, exactly, that's it! Make it stop!" - and some others nod thinking "oh no, this is me" and feel bad about it - but understand that fashion people belong to the hardest working people in the world. They put their heart and their soul into their passion of fashion and are taking aim for their big dreams of meeting their hard-to-reach idols and be a model, journalist or photographer without being limited in their personaility and whole being or fearing that they can't reach their dream because they don't have the measures or qualities.

Fashion - during the times of economic crisis - has become an even harder competition. You either have to really stand out to be successful or know the right people. I can just motivate everyone to keep on no matter how hard and bad it may seem. Just be yourself because you are perfect and admirable the way you are.
A result of it is as well the tagging and hashtagging which is simply a way to pull attention to us and spread the word about us and eventually be featured.

To shortly refer to the photos of so called "mirror selfies", invitations or workplaces. It is for letting out followers take part at least a little bit in our life, our experiences and our joy of the moment. Why not spreading the positive energy? Selfies are actually a good way - especially for famous people - to show their naturalness and that they are people like you and me.

Despite all thanks to HB for this indeed interesting article. I allowed myself with this to complete it. If you write an article "in honor" to something you can't talk it bad the way you did in my opinion.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

My Hippie Lives In Shades Blue

Bonjour mes chers,

my hippie lives in shades of cool. She comes out when the sun went down. She is dressed in shades of blue. She is surrounded by this certain romanticism but she keeps her lips sealed. She is looking for an answer but all she does is sending questions to the sky. She is holding big dreams and beliefs which only her eyes may reveal. Because only blue may send it back to her.

Top - New Yorker
Vest - GDM
Skirt with belt - Cache Cache
Wedges and bag - Görtz17
Earrings and blue bracelet - I am
Silver bracelet - New Look
Owl necklace - Tally Weijl
Kayal - Essence
Lipstick - Dior

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Romwe - Now Or Never

Good morning dears,

let's start our day with an exclusive sale by our beloved online-shop Romwe.

The beautiful and trendy double-layered floral-print dress is awailable for $11.99 (57 % off)!

Only today on September 18th.

3...2...1... Shop now!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

British Nostalgia

Hey, hey you, yes you, wake up...

Let's take the train and go to a place called beautiful. It is full of walks that make you feel lost for a moment but just like in every adventure there are signs that lead you the right direction. Every little seeming thing there hides a big treasure and you find yourself breath-taking, speechless, lost in memories...

Do you remember when we just walked around not caring what others might have thought of us? Do you remember when we led the way without even knowing where we are going? Do you remember when how we just laughed about everything and lived the way we wanted?

Now we want control and if we can't have it we put ourselves down. Now we live according to the strage eye and if we aren't good enough for this eye we feel bad. Now we live according to time and money and if we don't have it we limit ourselves.

When I drove back in the night looking into the horizon I smiled and realized, live and let life drive you like the train you are sitting in. Relax your mind and relax your heart and let yourself be embraced by your surrounding. And with every morning you opening your eyes you will collect the treasures you wished for, bit for bit.

Look: British Tweet
Hat - Görtz
Bag - Guess?
Shirt - Cache Cache
Joggers - C&A
Boots - Belmundo
Earrings - I am
Watch - Chanel
Medallion - H&M
Leather Jacket - Gipsy

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Metal Queen

Good evening my beloved ones,

before I come to todays post I want to send memories to everyone who lost a friend, mate, family member or generally dear one during the horrifying happenings of 9/11. I think everyone of us still feels the shock as a cold shiver when the news and pictures from the reports reached us. May it not happen again.

Cool, hard and shiny we continue and open a new chapter in the world of fashion: the autumn/winter 14/15 season with all eyes on our hands or rather nails. The trendy metallic nails of the season are so lustrous that it isn't possible to not look at them. That doesn't automatically mean to just concentrate on the average lustrous colors gold or silver but any color.

Let's rock the season.

Nails by Miu Nails & Wellness, huge thanks once again for the heartful service and excellent work!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence"

Hola sweet people,

first of all I would like to thank you once again for the sweet birthday wishes on my last blog post and instagram. It made me very happy that you've passed by and dedicated me some minutes.

As you have probably seen I got Lana Del Rey's latest album titled "Ultraviolence" for my birthday, and that's how you look when you unpack a gift and suddenly hold Lana Del Rey's album in your hands:

Lana Del Rey formally known as Elizabeth Grant has developped to a commonly known person in the last two years as a fashion icon with her rather unique and remarkable 60s/70s style and her as unique and remarkable music style: calm and deep like the ocean.
I highly cherish LDR in fashion as in music since I am like her into both. She and I share an equal fashion taste and apart from that I appreciate her because she always keeps loyal to her music style and writes all her songs by herself so in other words she isn't a "plastic" singer. I really liked her from the first time I heard her on a fashion show and loved her more and more.
Personally I also prefer self-written songs since I know from own experience that there are 200% feelings in it and it shows that the singer is an as well capable musician. So it is with Lana's new album...

If you follow Lana Del Rey's personal life or rather biography you can relate to the twelve titles, their lyrics and hidden messages. You can feel the pain the artist went through and the strength of these calm sounding songs and the strength in every word despite her angel's voice.

So according to my feedback to the album every song of the album was - just as it was with her first album "Born To Die" - agreeable and to my complete liking. My personal favorites however are after a hard choice "Shades Of Cool", "Brooklyn Baby" and "West Coast" (Radio Mix).
I simply love the coolness of the titles and think that these three songs stand out most with their melody and rhythm. About "Brooklyn Baby" I love especially the lyrics of the chorus. Another song I find special is "F*cked My Way Up To The Top" because of what LDR once revealed about her.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Already 21!?

Good evening my beloved ones,

September 1st is certainly an internationally important date to save since it is the day when the second World War began in 1933 and so it became the International Day of Piece. Apart from that it's the first day of the new (or first) year of school in most of the countries which makes pupils and parents very excited and overly proud. Last but not least it is the beginning of a new month which is special for a plenty of people.

For me the special thing about September 1st is my birthday. Every moment on that day is a moment of joy and excitement for me as it is probably usual for a birthday child.

I always feel it as a complete blessing to see who remembers me on my special day along with the touching words and wonderful wishes. As you know I belong to the group of people who overly love surprises which is always guaranteed in a birthday... but let my smile speak for me.

As every year I have celebrated it, this year in the circle of my closest ones I have allowed myself some quality time in our noblest restaurant in Hamburg the Alsterpavillion ALEX. That ahead in the night my family was the first to congratulate and sing for me and we welcomed my birthday with a proud bottle. During the day my brother surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers packed in my most favorite color purple.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday also this year unforgettable and joyful. Thank you for remembering me on my special day and adding your part into my feelings of bless and happiness. I got birthday wishes among others from my favorite singers which made me absolutely freak out of happiness.

And naturally every birthday girl deserves the perfect look: Mine was my dream hair and my most favorite (fashion) colors.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna
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